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Remember Who You Are

Updated: Mar 26

You are a Child of Heavenly Parents.

You are Loved.

Ye were bought with a price. Greater love hath no man than this…

You are of Great Worth.

You cannot grow or shrink your worth. Your worth is set by God. Period.

You are Free to Act for Yourself.

You are free to choose what you think, feel, say and do. You are not a victim.

You are Here to Choose.

You chose Christ before. Choose Him again. Help others choose Him again.

You have a Great Treasure in Store.

All experiences are invitation to come unto Christ.

Your receptiveness to God’s blessings (your worthiness) is up to you.

You were born to Shine.

You were born to make manifest the Glory and Works of God within you.

You are meant to Grow Brighter and Brighter...

 until the Perfect Day.

If your eye be single to His Glory, your whole body will be filled with light... and you will comprehend all things

Your Progress is God’s Work and Glory.

Your Purpose is to know Christ, and help others turn to Him.

As You Follow Christ, You Will Know Him, See Him,

And Perform Mighty Miracles.

We are all meant to walk on water, as we come to know Christ.

You are Meant to Become like your Heavenly Parents.

You have been given the chance to receive all the Father hath.

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