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Author - Samuel Castor

Samuel Castor is a compassionate, aggressive bridge builder and mountain mover, who has spent decades in the technology sector and government as an executive and attorney. He has negotiated billions of dollars of intellectual and infrastructure transactions and helped shape legislative and regulatory landscapes. He has resolved hundreds of millions of dollars of litigation and business conflicts and views conflict as an opportunity to collaborate and find solutions.


His professional path includes time in all branches of federal including time under President Bush and President Obama. As an author and speaker (including in his TEDxTalk), he emphasizes how critical the elements of compassion, candor, and collaboration are to our future. He currently teaches the art of negotiation and drafting, at the Boyd School of Law, and runs a law firm offering fractional general counsel services called Lex Tecnica. His philanthropic efforts include helping special needs children in Nevada and Utah, and teaching kids how to understand others opinions and express their own.

After growing up in Mesa, Arizona, then Provo, Utah, Sam attended BYU and graduated in Communications. He met his gorgeous wife when they were both serving as Especially for Youth counselors. He attended Catholic Law School of America in Washington D.C., with an emphasis in Telecom, and graduated Cum Laude. They have five heavenly and gifted children.  He enjoys writing, music, and building communities, and teaching the art of drafting and negotiation at various law schools. 

Sam has been a seminary teacher, institute teacher, singles ward bishopric member, and presents at conferences, and firesides. He is an enthusiastic supporter of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, supports President Nelson as the modern day prophet, seer, and revelator, and believes the Kingdom of God is rich, diverse, and full of valuable disagreement that can be harnessed into creative collaboration, connection, and joy in Christ.  Sam loves testifying of how to find a personal restoration and awakening in Christ, the Lord of Lords, and King of Kings - the Redeemer of Zion. 

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Sam is always willing to speak about Christ and building Zion. Please contact him through this website if you'd like him to speak or present at a fireside, gathering, or event.

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