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Divine Reconciliation


THERE IS OPPOSITION IN ALL THINGS. THIS DICHOTOMY BEGAN WITH THE CREATION. Tension between unorganized and organized matter, light and darkness, land and water, spirit and flesh, fish and fowl, creature and human, man and woman - heaven and earth. Each of these is an opposite in its particular sphere. Points of contrast, disjointed but connected. They conflict with one another - as if dancing in the great paradox of existence.

This divide is the paradox of existence. We are surrounded by it. Night and day spinning in opposition - chasing each other but never truly together. It is as if all of existence were divided into the halves of a great divorce - divided on two sides, but still living in the same house - warring against their opposites. We are dichotic ourselves - a combination of spirit and flesh, heart and mind, alive yet dying; aware of Heaven but separated form it.

This divinely appointed contrast makes room for true choice - for a time. God scattered everything into opposites, to see how we would behave, and give us true choice. And see who could come back. Like when we place a dog between two masters, and let it decide which one it will go to. Only then do we know we have true choice. And that is our purpose here in the middle of all this contrast. We are here to choose.

We are caught in a probationary state - a place to prove ourselves - to see if we will do all the Lord commands us. Yet, this time for choice will end for all of us. Eventually, each of us will die. And we will be unable to change our hearts - our position - and will remain in the place where we are. Clean or unclean, happy or miserable. For God cannot save us in our sins (Alma 11:36), [no unclean thing can enter heaven] but God will save us from them, if we follow His son. For even now, Christ invites all these dichotic things that repel, or war against each other, into “one” through His “at-one-ment.” For God is one. Even his course, His path, is one eternal round. So He who allowed the Fall that separated all things into their divorced points of contrast - when earth fell - will elevate them because into his presence - bring them back into harmony - as one.

His touch brings about the divine “one-ning” of all things in opposition. He begins this by brining things in opposition into orbit around Him, a circling, a spinning, harmonic dance that is visible from the heights of the majestic arms of a spiral galaxy, down to the intricate petals on a flower, and even in the orbiting electrons of an atom. His greatness is inescapable and so all things circle their creator, pulled to that greatness, reaching for it or repelled by it, they are still circling Him - like how we orbit the sun. God through Christ reconciles the irreconcilable, the dichotomy, the paradox, the dissonance of all of existence, and raises it into celestial harmony.

This one-ing is most purely manifest in CHRIST himself. He is the beginning and the end, the first an the last (Alma 11:39). He who was dead but now lives. His own flesh testifies of reconciliation, the son of a fallen mortal mother, and an eternal, perfect, celestial Heavenly Father, his own flesh literally bridging heaven and earth, life and death and life, to reconcile them into one, so that He might bring back all who will follow Him. This allows him to put the darkness and filth under his feet, and enjoy pure light and truth in his eyes.

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