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Conduit of Compassion

I have a friend I call whenever I am low, need some validation, or want to sound board an idea or two with him. He is an incredible friend. He radiates compassion, and listens attentively, sincerely, concerned for where I am and how I feel about my current status. He actively listens, shares empathy, and then he expertly points me (and sometimes redirects me) to truth, to correct perception, to Christ.

When I first started talking to him, I almost immediately felt in debt to him. He brings such reassurance to me, and is so expert at balancing me. I often thought to myself, I owe this guy. I need to do something in return to thank him! I offered to help him with legal work, with free business advice, anything I could think of to try and repay him. Each time I offered, he would refuse with a smile, and tell me it was his pleasure.

It wasn't until I had several conversations with him, and found myself staring to do for others what he was doing for me, that I began to realize the harmonic treasure of what he was really doing. He would take time out of his busy schedule to talk to me because he himself was enriched through the process. In loving me, he was enlivened in Christ.

In time, I came to realize that each time he was counseling me, without compensation, without concern for his own welfare, he was acting as a conduit of compassion. He allowed God's truth and love for me pour through him and empower him to be Christ's hands extended to me. As he did so, he was enlivened in Christ. As it says in D&C 88:67, because his eye was single to the glory of God, by helping others become better, he was able to see as he was seen, and be filled with light.

Each of us has this potential to open our hearts, look others in the eyes, and see them for who they really are. We can honor the divinity within them, mourning with them when they mourn, and comforting them when they stand in need of comfort. And in so doing, we fulfill our baptismal covenant to take Christ's name upon us, and become conduits of compassion. As Christ's love for each of his children pours through us and fills us with light we are reawakened and reassured how much Christ loves us. And the doctrine of the priesthood distills upon our souls as the dews from heaven, and our confidence waxes strong in the presence of God (D&C 121:45).

At this time of craziness in the world, I invite us all to see every interaction with the precious souls that surround us as an opportunity to be conduits of compassion. And as we do so, we will be filled with light - together.

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